Body Psychotherapy

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Body Psychotherapy

Beyond words
Because trauma is in body and brain

What is
Body Psychotherapy?

The Body Reflects a Person’s Current State and Past Life History:

Body psychotherapy, sometimes called somatic psychotherapy or body-orientated psychotherapy, focuses on the psyche through its expression in the body. The body reflects a person’s current state and previous life history.

Every trauma, shock, difficulty in life, every unexpressed joy, is embodied, or recorded in some way at a cellular level in the body. These experiences manifest as aches and pains, tight or slack muscles, shallow breathing, inability to relax and sleep, low or high arousal levels, feeling hot or cold, disturbed thinking, inability to concentrate or make decisions, gastrointestinal disturbances, and lack of vitality. When these persist for a long time, they can develop into chronic states, and illness, or just feeling constantly low becomes habitual and normalised.

Body psychotherapy can help you develop more awareness of what is blocking you or holding you back in life, then help move you towards healing, and wholeness.


Help and therapy for Covid anxiety symptoms
About Jennifer James
Jennifer James Body Psychotherapist

My Body Brain

Body Psychotherapy with Jennifer James

Jennifer is a senior trainee body psychotherapist at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre (CBPC) in her 6th and final year, having already completed a formal 4-year course.

She has been seeing and working with Body Psychotherapy clients for over a year and is working towards registration with the UK Council for Psychotherapy. Her work is supervised and she adheres to the Code of Ethics of CBPC.

Jennifer has a Diploma in Biodynamic Massage which is sometimes used in body psychotherapy.

Virtual sessions

Help and therapy for Covid anxiety symptoms

During these difficult times Jennifer offers virtual sessions via Zoom. Assistance with how to use Zoom is available.

Jennifer James Therapist
exploring difficulties through gentle exercise
and guided visualisation
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