Is the Covid pandemic
making you anxious?

Don't suffer alone

Coping with the
Covid Pandemic

Is the pandemic causing you more anxiety than you think it should?

The impact the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to have on our lives may cause feelings of anxiety, stress, worry, sadness, boredom, loneliness or extreme frustration - possibly anger. Everyone reacts differently to things that happen that are outside our control and it is important to remember that. However, if your anxiety is affecting your mental or physical health, or the way you relate to others then you may need help.

Talk to Jennifer about how Body Psychotherapy can help you cope with this ever-changing situation that has been thrust upon us all. It's important to remember that we all respond to pressure differently and it's not an admission of failure to ask for help.


Help and therapy for Covid anxiety symptoms
Jennifer James
Body Psychotherapy can help
you cope with difficult circumstances
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